GCA is a leading regional company in policy, business, media and communications. We provide governments, political parties, major corporations and media groups with strategic counseling on how to achieve goals.

In addition, we provide strategic partnership counseling which involves finding the right partners for developing businesses that are in need of capitalisation  and know-how. We also provide risk-assessments and in-depth backgrounders into potential partners.

What’s more, GCA offers strategic advice for companies in search of US and/or EU development funding. We can advise how best to boost countries' or individual corporation's ratings within the world business and investment maps.

Development and expansion strategy are also available to our clients along with support for IPOs. Our clients, who need to fulfill stringent criteria to become major players in the big markets wish to do business with USA, EU countries, Russia and the Middle East.

We at GCA are convinced that each solution has to be tailor-made to suit each individual client, involving team-work and careful methodology. Our worldwide reputation for excellence and the trust our partners place in us are the best testimonial to the success of this policy.